LKF #5

Little known fact: That man at the gas station somewhere in VA told daddy: “better put that possem in the car before he tree’s my cats”. Do you think I look like a possem?? – OK I admit I don’t know what a possem is or what it looks like! Wait …

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LKF #4

Little known fact: If it squeaks, I’m all over it.. relentlessly, never stopping, especially while daddy is watching TV. Mom thinks I don’t know but she has a stash of the green & blue squeaky balls in her office.

LKF #3

Little known fact: I love to ride in the car, so mommy tells everyone if I ever escape all they need to do is open the car door and holler, “go for a ride in the car?” and I’m on it, in it — whatever I’m in the car in …

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LKF #2

Little known fact: I have 3 black toe nails and 1 white toe nail on my front paws and the opposite of 3 white and 1 back toe nails on my back paws!

LKF #1

Little known fact: Favorite treat — Sfogliatelle – mom & dad pronounce it spool-ya-delle, but thats really wrong! Its really just Cheerios, but I think I’m getting something REALLY special when they call it that!

Jackson’s Scarf Site

Yes he is the Boss.. Pictures don’t lie now do they??? Jackson says, “I love to get dressed, does your dog too?” Have the best dressed dog on the block with Fluffy Puppy Handmade scarfs. Our Fluffy Puppy Scarfs will fit on just almost any pet collar with a clip or buckle.